USGS 104b FY2021 Projects Selected

The Nebraska Water Center awarded annual U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) 104b project funds to four University of Nebraska-Lincoln research teams for FY2021.

Projects selected for funding were required to pass a rigorous review by a panel of fellow academic and professional colleagues. Projects selected are:

Judy Wu-Smart
Daniel Snow
“Examining Surface and Groundwater Contamination from use of Byproducts Derived from Ethanol Processing of Pesticide-Treated Crop Seeds and the Potential Impacts on Biological Indicator Organisms”

Michael Leite, Chadron State College
Tawny Tibbits, Chadron State College
Daniel Snow, UNL
“Know Your Well - Northwest”

Jesse Korus
Sorab Panday
“Advancing Groundwater/Surface Water Models using Geophysics-Derived Hydrostratigraphy”

Michael Kaiser
Daniel Snow
Arindam Malakar
Daniel Miller
Matteo D’Alessio
“Evaluation of Nitrogen-based Redox Processes in the Vadose Zone”

Troy Gilmore
Mary Harner
Michael Forsberg
Andrew Harms
“Image-Based Streamflow and Water Quality Modeling”

Erin Haacker
Sorab Panday
“A Data-Led Approach to Visualizing and Assessing Nitrate Contamination in Northeastern Nebraska”

Arindam Malakar
“Identifying the Effects of Soil Microbial Amendment on Nutrient Loss and Carbon Sequestration at the Root Zone”