Conferences and Events

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Each year, the Nebraska Water Center hosts a number of popular annual and non-annual (special) conferences and events. If you have any questions about these events, please feel free to contact the Nebraska Water Center.

Annual Conferences and Events

Spring Water Seminar Series

The seminar series provides a forum to increase awareness of water issues and for thoughtful discussion of alternatives aimed at the wise management of Nebraska's surface and groundwater resources.

Water Symposia

2017 Managing Impacts to Water Quality in Production Agriculture
2016 Managing an Essential Resource...Basin by Basin
2015 High Plains Aquifer: Sustainability for Food Production and Water Supply
2013 Changes: Climate, Water and Life on the Great Plains 2013
2012 Water: Science, Practice and Policy
2011 Climate, Water and Ecosystems-Shaping the Great Plains
2010 Greater Platte River Basins Symposium
2009 Platte River Basin Science and Resource Management Symposium

Water Law Conference

Water Law Conference 2017
Water Law Conference 2016
Water Law Conference 2015
Water Law Conference 2013
Water Law Conference 2012
Water Law Conference 2011
Water Law Conference 2010

Water Tour

Usually held in June, the tour has traveled both within, and outside of, Nebraska.