Corn field with center pivot running.  

About the Nebraska Water Center

This site will give you easy access to the Nebraska Water Center and its related facilities and key programs such as the Water Sciences Laboratory, all things Water at UNL via UNL Water as well as upcoming activities and events at the Nebraska Water Center and online publications such as our quarterly Water Current newsletter.

The Nebraska Water Center, established by Congressional mandate as one of 54 Water Resources Research Institutes in 1964, focuses on helping the University of Nebraska become an international leader in water research, teaching, extension and outreach. After 50 years, its fundamental goals have not changed. The Water Center helps arrange research addressing water problems or understanding of water; helps new water researchers; trains future water researchers and engineers; and publishes water research results to water professionals and the public through publications, research colloquiums and conferences, lectures and tours. It is part of the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska.