Research Projects

USGS Awards

YEAR 1 OF 5 - FY-16
B. Wang Ronaldo Flores & J. Stratton 3/1/16-2/28/17 $15,000.00 Water Usage in the Food industry
Daran Rudnick   3/1/16-2/28/17 $20,000.00 Economic, Environmental, and Crop Performance Assessment Under Center Pivot, Subsurface Drip, and Furrow Irrigation Systems in a Changing Climate in West Central Nebraska
Troy Gilmore Daniel Snow 3/1/16-2/28/17 $15,000.00 Evaluation of Changing Irrigation Management on Ground Water Recharge and Quality
Derek Heeren Daran Rudnick, Francisco, Munoz-Arriola 3/1/17-2/28/18 20,000 Impact of Variable Rate Irrigation on Consumptive Use of Water Resources
Ashraf Aly Hassan   3/1/17-2/28/18 20,000 Utilizing Biotrickling Filters to Reduce Water Consumption at Fermentation and Dryer Stacks in Ethanol Plants
Aaron Mittelstet Troy Gilmore 3/1/17-2/28/18 19,992 Spatial Variability of Streambed Hydraulic Conductivty Across Multiple Stream Orders
Steve Ress Chittaranjan Ray continuation 2/28/19 $23,656.00 Information Transfer Plan
Chittaranjan Ray Steven Ress continuation 2/28/19 $8,687.00 Program Administration
Tiffany Messer Aaron Mittelstet, Daniel Snow 6/1/18-5/31/19 $19,842.00 Pesticide Exposure of Recreational Lakes
Yulie Meneses Ashraf AlyHassan 6/1/18-5/31/19 $19,869.00 Microalgae Treatment of Meat Processing Wastewater for Nutrient Removal and Water Reconditioning
Daniel Snow Jerald Bricker, Wesleyan University 6/1/18-5/31/19 $10,080.00 The Chemistry and Ecotoxicology of Microplastics-Water Quality Research Experience in Nebraska Waterways
Chittaranjan Ray Steve Ress continuation 2/28/19 $25,155.00 Information Transfer
Chittaranjan Ray   continuation 2/28/19 $17,389.00 Program Administration