Program Assistant

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What is your position at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln?
I am the Program Assistant. I plan and coordinate NWC events and grant award programs and administration. I also compile and submit USGS and NIWR annual reports, coordinate special projects, make arrangements for the annual Spring Water Seminar Series, annual water tour, annual water conference, and manage the NWC’s day-to-day business and affairs.

What drew you to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln?
I was looking for a full-time job after returning from military training for the Army National Guard and found a great position with the Cedars Home for Children who had an agreement with UNL. I moved onto the Agricultural Satellite Corporation and in 1995 began working for the Nebraska Water Center.

What aspect of working in an educational setting do you enjoy the most?
I love the fact that my days are never exactly the same. It keeps me from working in a mundane position. I truly believe in what the University’s mission is for our younger generation.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
In all honesty, parenthood. It is one of the most rewarding gifts one can receive. Even with all the ups and downs that come with it, nothing can compare.

What is something that most people don't know about you?
My husband and I have hosted more than 50 foreign students in our own home since 1995. Prior to that I helped host students with my parents which I initiated the process starting back in 1981 and they hosted over 100 students. Countries we’ve hosted from are France, Spain, Costa Rica, and Japan. In 1985 I travelled to France and visited three out of four of our previous French students on a six week trip.

What is your life like outside of work?
I enjoy travelling, watching my son play adult baseball, my grandson play baseball, and my granddaughter play softball from late March to late August. I love being with family when the opportunity allows.

Tricia Liedle

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2021 Transformation Drive Ste. 3220
P.O. Box 886204
Lincoln NE 68588-6204