Speaker and Location Change - Spring Water Seminar Series - April 5 Kremer Lecture

Virtual spring seminar graphic

April 5 Spring Seminar will be virtual ONLY 

Due to a schedule change, April 5th ‘s webinar will only be available virtually and will feature Kelly Smalling from USGS. The seminar will take place via Zoom from 3:30 – 4:30 pm. Kelly Smalling will speak about the National Drinking Water Exposome Research being done through USGS-Community Partnership Studies. 

To register for the Zoom link, go to go.unl.edu/2023seminar

Abstract: Current understanding of the role of drinking-water contaminant-mixture exposures in human-health outcomes is incomplete, in part, because comprehensive multi-contaminant chemical and biological investigations in the United States (US) and worldwide are not commonly conducted at the point of consumption and, consequently, do not capture biochemical changes that may occur during distribution and delivery, whether via public-supply infrastructure, private-well/premise plumbing, or commercial packaging (“bottled” water). This presentation provides an overview of the U.S. Geological Survey, Environmental Health Program research assessing human exposures to and potential effects of contaminant mixtures in point-of-use drinking water. 

Kelly Smalling is a Research Hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, New Jersey Water Science Center. She is Co-lead, along with Paul Bradley of the USGS Environmental Health Program, Drinking-Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Integrated Science Team. Kelly’s research is focused on the actual versus perceived health risks of contaminant mixtures to human health and the environment (including fish and wildlife).