Adjunct Professor

Bio Summary

I work in the research areas including groundwater hydrology, agro-hydrology, satellite hydrology and urban hydrology, and more specifically on these thematics:

  • Groundwater resource assessment under the influence of climatic variations and anthropogenic effects using numerical modeling, statistical tools and field studies.
  • Retrieval of near surface soil moisture from radar remote sensing (SAR) and estimating profile soil moisture using modeling and assimilation at watershed scale. Retrieval of rainfall and modeling of ET from remote sensing and assimilating into distributed hydrological models.
  • Stochastic modeling of flow and reactive solute transport in heterogeneous porous media. Theoretical studies and field scale experiments.
  • Integrated geochemical and hydrological studies in tropical regions using experimental watersheds.
  • Modeling groundwater in urban environments for resource and infrastructure studies.
  • Smart water solutions in agriculture: Integration of Sensors, Satellite & ICT tools.

Sekhar Muddu

Contact Information

Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore, 560012, INDIA
+91 80 22 93 22 45;
+91 80 29626259
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