Nathan Roddy

Research technologist III

Bio Summary

Roddy runs all instrumentation related to measurement of stable isotopes in the laboratory. He regularly performs analysis of water, organic, and soil samples for δ15N, δ18O, δ13C, and δHD using dedicated continuous flow isotope mass spectrometers each with its own prep system (Elemental Analyzer or Tracegas pre-concentrator). He also operates the Helix SFT noble gas mass spectrometer and extraction system and conducted much of the method development for analyzing samples for dating young groundwater using the tritium/helium-3 method.

Roddy received his B.S. in geology at the Midwestern State University, before starting his graduate program at Texas A&M University, focusing on hydrogeology. Roddy transferred to the department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he continued to studied hydrogeology and graduated with his M.S. in August 2018.

Aaron Shultis

Contact Information

103B Water Sciences Laboratory
1840 N. 37th Street
Lincoln NE 68583-0844
Call: 402.472.7558