Daniel D. Snow, Ph.D.

Research Professor | Director of Services

Bio Summary

Snow has been an integral part of the UNL Water Sciences Laboratory (WSL) since 1990. At present, he oversees all aspects of the WSL operations and uses analytical chemistry to help understand how water becomes contaminated and what we can do to prevent it. A good part of his work at the WSL involves creating analytical methods for new or "emerging" environmental contaminants including compounds such as steroids, pharmaceuticals, algal toxins, explosives, and pesticides. Snow is also directly involved in the development of new methods to measure and use stable isotopes as tracers to study environmental problems and processes.

Mass spectrometry is an incredibly powerful tool to use in studying the occurrence and environmental fate of chemicals, and their potential for affecting organisms and people. Students and staff under Dr. Snow's supervision use mass spectrometers to help other scientists and engineers find out exactly what chemicals are in water and other materials. For example, he collaborates with biologists - studying endocrine disruption in fish in Nebraska rivers - to find out what kinds and concentrations of steroid hormones and pesticides may be associated with these effects. Snow also collaborates with with scientists and engineers to find out what kinds and concentrations of steroid hormones and pharmaceuticals may be found in livestock and municipal waste, and whether or not these chemicals can get into water.

Snow also advises and mentors a growing number of undergraduate and graduate students at the WSL.

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Daniel Snow

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