UNL Report Outlines Impact of Climate Change in Nebraska
The scientific debate over whether human activities are the principal cause of climate change is over, a new report from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln says.

Chemistry meets Biology in Kazakhstan
While interdisciplinary research can be difficult and international interdisciplinary research harder still, delivering an interdisciplinary, international workshop can be relatively easy and even enjoyable.

Water Leaders Academy Seeking Applications
The Nebraska Water Leaders Academy is looking for applicants for their upcoming 2015 program.

Researchers probe climate's impact on groundwater quality
Climate change and increasing food production demands both influence groundwater quality. To better understand the links between climate, agriculture and groundwater, UNL researchers will investigate climate’s impact on groundwater contamination from chemicals used in crop and animal production.

State Climatologist: Models Show Above Normal Precipitation for This Fall
A big question this fall: will there be harvest delays due to wet weather?

Photographic Review of the 2014 Water Tour
Upper Platte River Watershed: July 15-18, 2014

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2014 Water for Food Conference
Seattle, Washington: October 19-22, 2014

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Permanganate Candles Clean Contamination at Former Cozad Landfill

The synergy created from an experienced researcher mentoring promising and creative graduate students has resulted in a seemingly effective and low-cost solution to groundwater contamination at a former central Nebraska landfill.

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Permanganate Candles

Irrigation Management Project Expands

University of Nebraska Extension Educator Randy Pryor said it all started when he learned about the success of the Nebraska Agricultural Water Management Demonstration Network (NAWMDN) in 2007. He and City of Wilber Water Manager Jerry Petracek ordered watermark sensors and an ETgage through a Wilber Wellhead Sourcewater Grant.

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Steve Comfort taking readings

Partnership of UNL, Private Firm Works to Clean Contaminated Groundwater

Sometimes rather thorny and extensive groundwater contamination problems can be overcome with the right combination of innovation, experimentation and partnership.

That's what a researcher at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources is hoping will provide a possible answer for cleaning up a large plume of contaminated groundwater just east of Grand Island.

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Mapping Evapotranspiration

Mapping Evapotranspiration

Evapotranspiration, or ET, is loss of water through evaporation from the earth's surface, including open water and plant surfaces, and plant transpiration, or how a plant grows by passing water from its roots up through its stem and leaves to the atmosphere (Source: Derrel Martin, UNL Biological Systems Engineering. Watershed Water Balance: The Role of ET and Consumptive Use.)

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