2015 Water Symposium Presentations


A Simple, First-Order Approach for Assessing Prospects for Sustainability of the High Plains Aquifer in Western Kansas
Donald Whittemore

The High Plains Groundwater Availability Study
Steve Peterson

Managing Water for Nebraska Farmers
Roric Paulmann

Texas Alliance for Water Conservation
Glenn Schur

Simulating the Land Surface Response to Drought and Climate Change Across the High Plains
Anthony Kendall

Sustainability and Groundwater Management in Western Nebraska
Douglas R. Hallum and Steven Sibray

Water Sustainability Projects in the Central Platte NRD
Lydon Vogt

Innovations in High Plains Water Management Institutions
Nick Brozovic

USGS 2010 Water Use Compliation
Nathan Schaepe and J.P. Taylor

Use and Sustainability of the Aquifer into the Future
Jim Schneider