Within the poster, click on one of the smaller maps or diagrams.  This will display links to other pertinent web pages and a larger image of that particular feature. To more closely view the large Nebraska map, click on the Western third, the Middle third, or the Eastern third of the State.

Nebraska Water


Nebraska Water is a full-color, 24"x36" poster, that is appropriate for educational use.  The information presented on the maps is the best available as of July 2008.  The content and level of detail of each map is based on available space and map scale.

PDFs and JPGs

A PDF version of the entire Nebraska Map poster is available here. High-quality PDF and JPG versions of the ten individual maps are available here:

  • Nebraska map only: PDF (2.5MB) | JPG (2.0MB)
  • High Plains Aquifer Saturated Thickness, 1997: PDF (598KB) | JPG (585KB)
  • Density of Active Registered Irrigation Wells -  January 2009: PDF (1MB) | JPG (1MB)
  • Groundwater-Level Changes - Predevelopment to Spring 2007: PDF (643KB) | JPG (685KB)
  • Generalized Nitrate Levels in Wells Sampled, 1974-2006: PDF (849KB) | JPG (1.1MB)
  • Mean Annual Precipitation, 1971-2000 and Generalized Gaining/Losing Streams: PDF (559KB) | JPG (636KB)
  • DNR Designated Hydrologically-Connected Fully and Overappropriated Basins, Subbasins and Reaches, July 2008: PDF (504KB) | JPG (617KB)
  • River Basins with Coldwater and Warmwater Stream Designations: PDF (1.5KB) | JPG (940KB)
  • Generalized Atrazine Levels in Wells Sampled, 1974-2006: PDF (724KB) | JPG (717KB)
  • Threatened and Endangered Waterbirds and Fish: PDF (759KB) | JPG (806KB)


Any questions or comments can be directed to the UNL Nebraska Water Center at 402-472-3305 or


To order one or more copies of this free poster, please go to Nebraska Maps and More (the UNL School of Natural Resources Store). Look in the 'Water Resources' section.  The maps are available unfolded (which are suitable for framing) or folded.  Note that shipping charges will apply.


We would like to recognize and thank our partners who helped make the Nebraska Water poster possible.