Water Resources Advisory Panel Website

Recognizing the critical importance of water to the environmental and economic well-being of our State, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has had an ongoing commitment to excellence in water resources research, education and outreach for decades. In 2006 the state was facing increasing pressure to address serious water issues as a result of interstate compacts and agreements, state statutes, continuing drought and other factors. With these factors converging, the Water Resources Advisory Panel (WRAP), was created in 2006 to better connect the University with the wisdom of outside experts and those who often rely on NU water-related research, education and outreach to make decisions impacting Nebraska's water resources.

To learn more visit the WRAP website on water.unl.edu.

Reports Generated from NU Water-Related Research Database

These reports are intended to provide some idea of how current and completed research corresponds to the WRAP's ranked priority list. The reports were developed using the NU Water-Related Research Database. This database is by no means complete; rather it is continuously updated and expanded as information is made available.


The reports listed to the left are a supplement to the primary WRAP Web Pages located on UNL Water.

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